5 Months!

So, we have a 5 month old…  Not sure when or how it happened, but the months continue to fly by!  We fall more in love with Nancy Kate all the time, and are enjoying watching her personality start to show more and more.  She continues to be a mover and a shaker.  That girl is NEVER still; even when she’s sleeping hands, feet or both are moving.  I think she will start crawling before too long, and when she does we are going to have to keep our running shoes handy!  She’s rolling over really well and starting to try and scoot around when she’s on the floor.  She reaches for and plays a little with toys now, but her favorites are still her paci and her fist!

IMG_1110 IMG_4028

We had our first sickness this past month when she got a stomach bug, cold and ear infections all at once over Labor Day.  It was pretty sad since I knew she didn’t feel good and there wasn’t anything we could do to help.  She seemed to recover from all of that with some antibiotics and TLC.  She still has some congestion, but I think it’s due to weather change and just seasonal crud.  She continues to be a generally really happy baby which we are so thankful for!


We went to my dad’s house one weekend to visit.  He lives out in the country with land and donkeys!  Kate loved swinging at his house.  My stepmom has every toy you can imagine from when her girls were little and now for my step sisters 3 girls.  Kate couldn’t decide what to look at next.  We fed the donkeys carrots, but I think they thought her baby feet were carrots so we couldn’t get too close!


We’ve also started FOOTBALL!  It’s a tough year for our Longhorns, but we are true fans and continue to watch even when it’s painful.

IMG_1109 IMG_1114IMG_4078

My stepsister got married in Dripping Springs so Kate got to go to her first wedding.  She was a trooper, and did great on the trip and at the wedding.  It was an evening wedding, so she got a little tired and had to miss the dancing.  I’m sure she’ll be leading the conga line before we know it!

IMG_4115 IMG_4122IMG_4124

We’re still waiting on a court date to officially finalize the adoption.  I’m hopeful that we’ll have that scheduled in the next few weeks.  The date will likely be in early November.  We also have baby dedication at church at the end of October which I’m excited about.


Buddy is a great babysitter!


I put Kate in bed with us while I got ready for church one morning…She and her daddy are a lot alike!

The best things are the small things.  I love getting to know our little girl, and enjoy all the big and small moments with her.  She is such a blessing to KJ and I, and we are so grateful for her.

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