4 Months of Fun

I don’t know how this happened, but 1/3 of a year with our girl is already gone!  I cannot believe it.  The past month has been full.  We went on our first long road trip with Kate to my Dad’s family reunion.  It was about 4 hours in the car, and she was a champ!  We stayed in a hotel which was a first for Little Miss, and she did great with that as well.  It was fun to introduce her to family members, and get to share our blessing with them.

Sometimes we get very excited about the butterfly on our seat!

Sometimes we get very excited about the butterfly on our seat!

Our daycare starts the “Fall” in late August, so Kate got new teachers at school.  I just have to say that I had probably a slightly unhealthy attachment to her first teachers.  I LOVED THEM.  They really did treat our girl like she was their very own, and that made leaving her each day so much easier.  Her new teachers are precious, and we love them too.  You would have thought I was sending her off to a war zone on the last day of Summer though.  I cried and hugged those teachers like crazy…they’re literally across the hall now.  I am that mom.


Sweet sleepy baby!


We also met with Kate’s lawyer.  Yes, my infant has her own attorney.  Part of the adoption process requires an advocate for Kate independent of our attorney who is handling the adoption.  We had a complete home study last spring, but your home study can’t be more than 12 months old when you finalize the adoption, so we had to update that as well.  We did that last week, so now we are just waiting for a finalization date (has to be at least 6 months after she was in our care).  I’m not worried about anything, but I will rest easier when everything is signed, sealed and delivered.  I want time to slow down, but I also want that to be done!


She smiles constantly…until you try and take her picture.

Kate is a growing girl, but she’s still small for her age.  If it stays that way, she’ll always have that as a tell-tale sign she’s adopted 🙂  She’s right at about the 39% for weight and 45% for height.  IMG_1101She’s right on track though, and doing new things all the time.  She “talks” and smiles all the time which is really fun.  I’ve decided she has “Fear of Missing Out” like me, because she’s always looking around and listening to everything.  She has a hard time going to sleep if we’re talking now, and I think it’s because she doesn’t want to miss anything.  We love watching her grow, and each new skill she learns.  It’s football season, so we’re working on our “Hook ‘Em Horns” hands!


Kate had her first cereal…she is #notimpressed

This month we have lots of family birthdays to celebrate, a trip to my dad’s house to meet the donkeys and Friday night football games!  Everything is a lot more fun with her, so I’m looking forward to it.  We are so grateful for our Baby Lamb!



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