Two Months

*Disclaimer: I wrote this the day before Kate turned 2 months old, and meant to go back and add pictures and post.  I’m just now getting around to it, and it’s already almost time for 3 months! oops!

It has now been two months since I first laid eyes on you, and I still can’t believe it!  Your daddy and I fall more in love with you every single day.  In ways the two months have flown by, and in other ways it seems like you have always been with us.  I guess it’s just confirmation that you were always meant to be our little girl.


First Day of School!

I still think about your birth mother every single day.  I get updates through others sometimes, and from what we know she is doing well and proceeding with doing the things she planned to get her life back on the track she wanted.  It’s a little hard not to see or talk to her since we grew to love her so much in such a short time.  It feels a little strange to not be in her life anymore, but that is not what is best for the situation right now so we love her from afar and thank the Lord every day for her loving sacrifice to place you with us.  We want so badly for her to be able to accomplish the great things the Lord has planned for her, and so it’s good to know she seems to be on a good track.


Ready for your first outing at Nina and Diego’s pool

You, Little Bit, have done a lot of things since last month!  You are growing and changing every day.  You started smiling at us which makes your mommy completely melt.  Your daddy tries all sorts of foolishness to coax a smile out of you, and it’s always so worth it!  You started daycare, and I started back to work full time.  I miss our daytime together, but I think your teachers at school are as smitten with you as we are, and mostly hold and cuddle you all day!  I’m so grateful you are at a place we trust and feel good about, and it’s really close to the office so I can scoop you up as soon as 5:00 rolls around.  You’re starting to like bathtime, but you still do not care to have your clothes or diaper changed.  You really are the best baby.  You sleep and eat well, and hardly fuss.  We are so grateful for that!


Daddy was teaching you cartoon theme songs; you’re very impressed 🙂

We are excited for you to show us more and more of your personality as you learn to do new things.  I pray that even now your heart is being prepared to love Jesus more than anything else.  I’m praying that you will have good girlfriends and that you will be a great friend in return.  I pray your story continues to be one of God’s provision and blessing, and that you and we never fail to give Him the glory for your precious life.  We absolutely couldn’t love you any more if we tried.  You’re our sweet girl, and we are so proud of you!



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