One Month With You

One month ago your daddy and I got up on a Friday morning and drove to the hospital to meet you!  We knew in the car that would probably be the last time for a long time that we would go anywhere together without you.  We tried to imagine what it would be like, but nothing really prepared us for you.  Lots of people were having c-sections that day so the doctor was running late.  We sat with your birth mom and tried to help her be calm while we waited.  I was running my fingers through her hair when I heard your very first squeal!  In many ways it seems like you have always been with us, and in so many others the past month has flown by!


Your daddy and I have spent the past month getting to know you and introducing you to family and friends.  You have met all of your grandparents and even your great-grandmother, Meme.  Lots of other friends and family either came to the hospital or have come to the house to meet you.  Everyone goes on and on about how beautiful you are, and they aren’t just being nice.  You are gorgeous, baby girl!  You are also a very good baby.  You sleep about 4 hours at a time, and don’t cry too much unless you’re hungry, dirty or gassy.  Your daddy says that you sound like a Velociraptor from Jurassic Park when you get really mad.  You make lots of grunts and snorts when you’re sleeping or eating that make us laugh.  You like bouncing in your mamaroo or bouncy seat, and you really like laying on daddy’s chest after bath time.  You do not like to have your diaper or your clothes changed!


People ask us all the time if we can believe that you’re here, and my answer is still “no”!  You are such an incredible blessing that we are still in awe of you.  We are so very grateful that you’re here and that you’re ours!  You are the answer to so many prayers.  We pray every day that you will continue to grow healthy and strong.  We pray that you will always know that mommy, daddy and Jesus love you very much. We are excited to watch as you learn more and more each day. We love you so much more than we ever knew we could!





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